Automated Proofreading

XRef is a sophisticated drafting aid that assists lawyers in quickly and accurately checking for a number of types of errors in legal documents. XRef is fast, easy-to-use and will help to ensure that your documents are polished and precise.

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Risk Management

We have found errors in documents produced by top firms in the US, Europe and Australasia. In fact, no firm or lawyer has been able to provide us with an error-free document! As lawsuits against lawyers increase in prominence across the globe, XRef is essential to minimising the risks associated with potentially costly, drafting errors.

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Loved by lawyers

XRef has been built for lawyers, by lawyers. We understand the challenges involved in proofreading legal documents and the importance of getting it right. That is why XRef is intuitive and easy-to-use, allowing you to spend more time on work that really adds value.

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Efficiency gains

XRef helps to save lawyers time that is often difficult to charge to clients; it allows you to spend more time on work that clients appreciate and are happy to pay for.

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XRef is delighted to be joining the Microsystems family.


XRef will transform lawyers’ lives.

IT Manager, Watson, Farley & Williams

I love XRef

Lawyer, Ashurst LLP

XRef is a superb piece of software which will become an invaluable tool to me and my team.

Partner, Watson, Farley & Williams

I absolutely love it (please don’t take it away!)…  I use it for all my contracts.

Lawyer, DAC Beachcroft

Watch a short video of just one of XRef’s many features, the defined term checker, in action: